My Mom’s Got My Back

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Ella Pestine

~for my mom, who will always have my back. 

Before my sisters and I learned to sign our own names, our mom taught us how to sign her initials. So, by first grade I was signing my own permission slips and homework assignments. She was always bending rules like that, whether by taking us out of school to have our own field trips or by letting us have a “regressive dinner” once in a while, knowing we’d never get past dessert.

My mom got sick when I was just 12 and died three years later as I was beginning high school. Throughout my whole life and especially during her battle with cancer, my mom was my rock. She was always supportive of me and pushed me to improve myself and grow every day.

photoI decided to get her initials, JP, tattooed on my shoulder right before moving away from home to go to college. I was starting a new, scary chapter of my life and needed my mom there to help me through the transition. Every time I turn around, I remember that my mom has my back and is always supporting me. She influences everything I do, every decision I make, and ultimately the way I live my life. By having the constant reminder of her initials on my shoulder, I know that my mom always has my back.


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