A permanent, visible marker of the connection between ALL of my children and myself…

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Michelle Hill
~for ALL of my children

Like so many others, I never thought I would get a tattoo. When my seventeen year old son, Marcus, died by suicide on June 12, 2014, I felt very strongly that I needed a permanent, visible marker of the connection between my children and myself. I told the tattoo artist I wanted the word “always” with three hearts; one for each of my children. In addition to my son, Marcus, I have a nineteen-year-old son, Alec and a fifteen-year old daughter, Abby. I wanted Marcus’ heart to have Angel’s wings around it and had it done on the top of my foot so I could see it …and because I didn’t want it sagging when I get old. Now I will always have a beautiful reason to talk to people about my kids and to keep Marcus’ memory alive.

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