A Reminder Always…

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Jaqueline Branch Submission
Jacqueline Branch
~for my son, Kyle

My 30 year old son, My second born son, Kyle, at the age of 30, completed suicide in his apartment in New York City on June 19, 2014.  He was a Senior Network Engineer at a well know Univercity. Having overcome a learning disability, he earned his degree and finally landed the job in NYC.  He had accumulated a lot of college debt so this job put an end to the constant worry about paying back the loans.

After ending a relationship, he started having panic attacks and completed suicide.

The butterflies are flying through the ribbon and breaking it, signifying the act of suicide in the middle of Kyle’s date of birth.  I wanted to get it on my foot so I can always see it; a reminder of how many young people choose suicide. Today, one every 44 seconds.

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