For The “LOVE” of the Game and Family

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Victoria Martinez

For the “love” of my parents20150430_180749-11

This tattoo is on my forearm. My mom and dad were avid tennis players and they introduced my brother and I to the game when we were very young. We all competed in tournaments and my most treasured memory was playing against my mom and dad in a mixed doubles championship tournament at the park we always played at. We were at center court and all of our friends were among the many cheering us all on. My mom would apologize before slamming the ball at me. It was a day I will never forget. As my parents got older and my mom had gotten MS, she would always drag my dad out in the morning to play. She couldn’t really run anymore so she would yell at him about never giving her any breaks but he would continue to just hit the ball in her reach. Dad always had to have a shovel or broom in the trunk cause mom would make him get out there and shovel the snow, or sweep the rain off the court. My dad always jokingly said if he knew he would have to get up early every morning to play tennis, he wouldn’t have retired. For this reason I felt it only appropriate that I put a tennis racket with DAD and a rose wrapped around the racket, since he was the stronger player, and Mom with a heart for the “o” since she had my heart.

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