Healing Practices

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Nicole G tattoo high resNicole Teresa Gehbauer
~Healing Practices for Life


Diagnosed with autoimmune disorders once at three years old and later in my teens, I spent many years seeking healing and acceptance. Thankfully, the practice of yoga came into my life during college, which brought me down many paths of healing over the next twelve years. I recall my experience in the first yoga pose that felt natural to me; I could feel the expansion and space it brought to my body and the clarity that came over my mind. I finally arrived at a point in my life where I felt stability, patience, and understanding, even though I will always have these diseases. I no longer felt a loss from my illnesses, but instead a sense of wholeness.


This inspired me to create a symbol that would become a daily reminder of my hard work and perseverance toward recovery. As an artist and art therapist, each day brings a new challenge, and this symbol helps maintain my awareness over the power I have over my mind and body. The symbol was a sketch I drew from an image of myself in the full pigeon pose (eka pada rajakapotasana). When I put on my wedding rings, gaze upward in triangle pose, or simply hold my husband’s hand, this image on my left wrist reminds me of the strength not only I have, but the capacity for healing in us all.


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