Her life was colorful and bright…

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IMG_1578Lindsey Grad

~for my dear friend, Skye Miller

I have never written about her now that I think about it. We wrote a small speech for her funeral, but even then we could not come up with the words to describe our dear friend. It seems that words cannot do justice to the gracious gift that was Skye Miller.

We all knew we were lucky to have known her, even if it was only for a short time.  In her short life, she was able to spread more light and inspiration than many will ever be able to give. Even the pain she experienced was felt with honesty and dignity. Her life was colorful and bright and she held her head up high as she danced her way through this lifetime.

I miss my dear friend and still feel her presence all around me. I honor her on my arm with a beautiful sunflower, they were her favorite. I cannot pass one without being overwhelmed with love and gratitude toward her.

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