Honoring My Heritage

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celtic cross w-DadLinda Robertson

~For My Family Roots

I am Scottish on my Father’s side it has always been an underlying presence in our family growing up. I always wanted to see the place of our ancestors, so last year I went.

I never thought I was a tattoo person. My friend has one that I really liked because it had meaning behind it.  I wanted something that would be an extension of who I am.  I finally got my first one 4 months before my 50th birthday. The tattoo is of a Celtic sun with arrows representing strength. In addition, I had my last name initial put in the center of the sun. I made sure I got it before my trip to Scotland for the first time a month after my birthday.

I went on tattoo finder.com and was drawn to several Celtic designs. My second tattoo, eight months after my birthday, is a Celtic cross with Dad’s name, Craig, across the bottom.  My dad passed away 17 years ago. I didn’t do this one first because of its very intricate design.  It probably would have scared me away from any future tattoos had I done this one first.  There are two more on my horizon; one is flaming lilies which will also have a Celtic represented and, finally, a dream catcher with Frère Jacques beneath for my mother’s, Lorraine, American Indian and French background.

Celtic sun with arrows for strenght my last name inital







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