I can say that today I am proud to be alive.


Jenna Friedman

~I am a warriorimage

I got my tattoo May 8, 2015 for my 18th birthday. I never thought I would ever make it to be 18 years old. This tattoo is so incredibly meaningful to me. I have struggled with chronic depression, anorexia, and social anxiety since I was 11 years old.

I am now 18 and have been in recovery for my eating disorder for two years. Struggling with an eating disorder and chronic depression, and social anxiety; the past eight years have been a huge struggle. I have had many unsuccessful suicide attempts. My junior year of high school is when my eating disorder hit me really hard. I got to my lowest weight of 102 pounds. I could barely get out bed because I had no energy and had lost all motivation. I just didn’t want to be here anymore. My eating disorder had taken the best of me. I was taunted by my distorted body image, and my suicidal thoughts. I just didn’t see it getting any better.

I can say that today I am proud to be alive. Although I’m still in recovery for my eating disorder and still constantly struggle with my depression, I have learned better coping skills to help me get through the hardest of times. November 26, 2015 will be one year since I last self harmed. The tattoo is placed on my left arm where I would always take the blade to punish myself for never being good enough. As of today, I know that I am good enough. I know that a number does not define who I am nor my self worth. I am me and on the road to learning to love myself. I am now a warrior.

“Sometimes life throws you challenges that are difficult to over come but you have to keep going because trust me, it feels great to win.” ~Christie Hanovinikian


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