Let It Be


Kristin M. Nalepa
~for Christian

In 2006, I got a heart tattoo on my foot for my boyfriend, Christian, because he swept me off my feet. I had never been in love so completely.

On a June morning in 2012, Christian’s mom called to tell me he had died in a motorcycle accident. Beginning that morning, I began getting signs from Christian that he was okay and still here with me. I was a complete wreck and don’t remember a lot from that day. I do, however, remember my dad rushing over to my condo while I sobbed into his arms. He calmly repeated the words, “Let it be, Kris”.  I sat with my Aunt Phyllis later that day as she tried to relax me using the same words, “Let it be”. My friends rushed to my parents’ house to be with me that morning, as well, several of them took me aside and told me that right now I need to “let it be”. I thought their words seemed odd because there was no way I could simply “let it be”.

A couple of days later, I put together all of the picture boards, wrote the Eulogy I would deliver at his funeral, and created the slideshow of pictures and music for his visitation and funeral. I knew Christian’s favorite music of club music and 80’s music was probably not the most appropriate music to play at a funeral. I signed onto myspace for the first time in years and went to his page to see what songs were listed. His profile picture was of the two of us and the song that began playing from his page was “Let It Be” by Dave Barnes. At the same moment in time, my Pandora which was open began playing “Let It Be” by the Beatles. Chills ran my entire body. I knew it was Christian with me reminding me I had to “Let It Be.”

My tattoo has dove symbolizing Christian’s spirit, hope for my future, and God’s grace which I have felt recently in my life. The placement of the tattoo on my foot is deliberate so Christian will walk with me throughout the rest my life. I know he will always be with me, and I am blessed with his communications from the other side.

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