Like love, there is no end to grief.

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Sherri Loeb

~For my husband, Jerod

I chose this tattoo in memory of my husband Jerod who passed away 4 years ago. We were married for almost 27 years and he truly was my best friend and everything to me. He was also the best dad in the world to two amazing daughters. I first saw this saying when Sheryl Sandberg the CEO of facebook lost her husband and wrote a story after he passed away. She used this quote in her story describing how she felt. It hit home then and I waited about two years before I finally got up the courage to go for it. As the tattoo states, like love, my grief will never end.These lyrics are from a song of Bono’s that I felt summed up how I felt perfectly. It is on the left side of my rib cage close to my heart. I had the tattoo done at Insight Studios in Chicago by James Eastwood.

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