My Bacon Angels

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IMG_7267Nancy Bacon Meister

~for all of my angels

I had toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo for the last several years, but really never thought I would.  Being born with the surname Bacon was not easy for me (lots of teasing), but as I’ve aged and become passionate about researching my family’s genealogy, my birth name has come to symbolize life to me and I’m proud of it.  We are all the result of our ancestors; their lives, their loves and their passions.

My parents died first, and I’ve missed them greatly, but they both lived relatively long and good lives, so their loss was not easy but bearable.  But then I lost my younger brother, Don, to suicide in December 2013, leaving me as the last of my nuclear family.  I miss them all terribly, but the loss of my loving brother is still difficult and will always be painful.

Over the last few years, I’ve slowly assembled a collection of pigs to honor my Bacon heritage.  After I lost my sweet brother, I began imagining an angel pig that I could wear and look at every day to remind me of and memorialize my family, who I now believe to be reunited with my other descendants in heaven. The red star represents my mom’s birthstone ruby, the white star my dad’s diamond, and the blue star my brother’s sapphire.  Now I see my Bacon Angels every day on my forearm, and although my heart is still very sad and grieving, my tattoo makes me smile.  And it is also a reminder that I will see them all again someday.

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