The Heart On My Sleeve

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DSCN0944Kelly Anne McInnis
~The Heart On My Sleeve

The day after we’d spent nine hours celebrating the sweetness of life, my best friend suddenly died of heart failure just before his 41st birthday. I was crushed. I literally fell to the ground with the news he was gone.

After a short period of grief, I saw the ease with which I could allow his loss to turn me hateful and angry. I decided I wanted a tattoo to externalize the way he had touched my life; something that reminded me of his spirit of Love and what in me had inspired him to give me such a treasure.

In the end, I drew a rendition of a human heart based on an old Grey’s Anatomy etching and asked to have it emblazoned on my forearm. The heart is just under life size on my inner left arm and faces me. It is a memorial and a lesson combined. The heart on my sleeve is to remind me why Aaron Page loved me and to keep my heart open the way it was in his presence.

Three years after Aaron’s death, my beloved Grandmother, Mildred J. Buffa,  died on the 4th of July (She knew how to make an Exit!) . She and I understood each other on many levels, In her honor & memory I had the heart, originally black and white, colored in.

Now I have a beautiful image of an open heart on my sleeve to help me remember and to keep the heart in MY chest open, too.



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