The power and lessons of the moon


DSC07068Cheyenne Gonzalez

~A tribute to the moon 

The story behind the phases of the moon for me came from many directions. I have always had a spiritual and soul connection to wolves and feel the power of the full moon re-energize me. I see the moon as something to comfort me and keep me connected to my true self as well as the beauty of its own transformation that it holds. I enjoy keeping my tattoos simple but within that, they hold great meaning to me.

When it came to selecting how I wanted it and where it should be placed on my body, I chose down my spine. The symbolic placement on the spine signifies the framework of both body and soul. The vertical placement of the moon phases is symbolic of the transformations I have gone through in my present life, emotionally and psychologically as well as in my past life as a wolf and the mental and instinctual transformations that I have to this day. One of the biggest things that change when the stereotypical human to werewolf transformation takes place is the spine so I thought it was even more fitting to place my tattoo there. Even deeper though, the phases of the moon represent the beauty of life and death as well. I feel that there is both good and bad to both death and life. There is a dark side to everything as well as a light side, not in a religious sense but in an energy-based sense. To see that life and death are connected, that you cannot have one without the other, I find to be beautiful and mystifying. The concept that, just like the phases of the moon in the sky, I too, as well as everything else, will live and die time and time again as we already have.

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