“Those Who Love Us Never leave Us”

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imageVeronica Smith
~Life Lessons

I’ve always wanted tattoos, but I knew that they would need to have meaning behind them. When my cousin Kevin committed suicide five years ago on his 27th birthday, I couldn’t cope. It was easy to pretend that he wasn’t actually gone; he lived in Florida and I was going to school in Philadelphia, so it’s not like I would’ve seen him anyway, but When my family went to Florida for Christmas that first year, it all hit me. Everyone, but Kevin, was there. We scattered his ashes, together during that trip, as well.

He had tattoos and he always loved lions. He was a Leo and was always attached to lions. I decided I was going to get a tattoo in his memory. It just felt right to me. So after quite a few years of figuring out just exactly what I wanted and where I wanted it on my body, I had it done this past summer. I decided on the Simba smudge drawing that Rafiki does in Lion King of Simba all grown up. Underneath, I added the quote, “those who love us never leave us”, to honor him.


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